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How Managers Can Develop Emotional Intelligence

Running an effective workplace requires a set of coordinated variables in the palm of your hand. It’s not so much about micromanaging different factors but more about allowing them to work together with minimal supervision. Therefore, it’s necessary to promote leadership positions within your company. Being a capable company manager

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Encouraging Mindfulness in the Office

Everyone receives notifications from their devices daily—it’s become a helpful tool in keeping you updated on the latest news, rising trends, urgent messages, and more. However, as modern technology becomes more sophisticated, and the more that businesses rely on it to manage their operations, the tinny sound of a notification

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Business Strategies That Can Drive Growth

Growing a business generally means that you’ll be working with limited resources, which might temper your expectations for results. However, that doesn’t mean you should set your bar low for success. Although your businesses may not yet have the capacity or reach of larger business entities, you can still take

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Surviving in a Post-Pandemic Landscape: A Guide for Entrepreneurs

Starting a business always comes with risks. Eventually, entrepreneurs go through challenges that test their perseverance and decision-making skills. Those who launched businesses in 2020, in particular, have already undergone a remarkable number of challenges that came with the COVID-19 pandemic. Even large, established companies had a tough time making

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How Managers Can Help Employees Return to the Workplace

Now that many states are loosening lockdown restrictions, companies are carefully developing plans to bring employees back to the office safely. Employers will have to strategize everything from configuring schedules, seating plans, elevator usage, and food delivery to minimize contact and avoid the virus’s transmission. Apart from the logistical and

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Trending Hiring Policies To Watch Out For

The future of work has changed. The workplace as we know it, propelled by the pandemic force which was beyond control, has undergone a sea of change. The rules of recruiting, hiring have changed forever. As organizations world-wide prepare to embrace a distributed workforce model for the long-run, here are

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5 Reasons Why It is Important to Balance Health and Work-Life

Easier said than done, right?! In today’s fast-paced world, it’s not easy to achieve the perfect work-life balance. With deadlines looming over your heads, clients expecting more, and technology bringing people closer than ever, the line between professional and personal life is blurred. Now, work plays a significant part in

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5 Gestures That Can Make Your Employees More Productive

When was the last time you showed gratitude and appreciated your employees? You must have heard this before – it’s the little things that matter the most. Some leaders deem that having their employees dislike them because they are tough cookie means they are doing a good job. This couldn’t

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